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The Cowboy

We have access to an incredible rolodex to help you be successful from pricing, to AI infrastructure, to landing your next customer. Just a few examples of our fantastic community members are below.

Product & Engineering

Surabhi Gupta

Prev. SVP of Engineering, Robinhood

Mike Curtis

Prev. VP Engineering, Airbnb, Meta

Mike Schierberl

Director of Engineering, Airbnb

Stuart Parmenter

CTO, One Medical

Sha Ma

Prev. VP of Engineering, GitHub

Jay Wallace

Cloud Platform, Doordash

Utkarsh Sengar

Utkarsh Sengar


Maggie Hott


Ryan Libster

GTM, Anthropic

Alexis Zhu

Head of Payments Partnerships, Stripe; ex-Affirm

Ryan Narod

Head of Marketing, Mutiny

Tyrone Anderson

Prev. AVP Sales & Customer Success, ServiceNow / Lightstep

Talia Moyal

Head of Marketing, Gitpod; prev. Airbyte
"I greatly appreciate Cowboy’s true expertise in Enterprise SaaS businesses, products, and teams, and the robust and holistic perspective they possess, which is the result of their genuine commitment to fostering diversity across the Cowboy network"
Tyrone Anderson
AVP, Global Lightstep Sales &
Customer Success, ServiceNow

Storytelling & Comms

Dara Treseder

CMO, Autodesk

Barbara Messing

Prev. Chief Marketing Officer, Roblox

Tina Sharkey

Prev. CEO, BabyCenter & Brandless


Max Stevens

Prev. Director of BD, Palo Alto Networks

Angie Lal

Security Eng., Anthropic
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We are committed to reducing historical inequity in the communities in which we live and work

Below are a few of the organizations we support with our time, money, and focus. We welcome you to join us in donating your time or money to these efforts.


Connecting, engaging, empowering, and advancing Black venture investors.


Accelerating the success of female founders and funders to build a more prosperous, equitable future.


Building a network of female and non-binary angel investors.


Building the relationships of tomorrow, today - representing the future General Partners in the venture capital industry.