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All our founders

Matthias Ruhl

Co-founder & CTO

Likes to work on challenging problems and system design, from backend to frontend, from algorithms to scalability issues.

Amy Chang

Co-founder & CEO

Amy serves on the board of directors for Disney, Procter & Gamble, Marqeta, SambaNova, Pragma and has previously served on the boards of Cisco, Splunk and Informatica, which encompass nearly a trillion dollars in total market cap. Post-acquisition of her startup Accompany by Cisco for $270M, she led Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Collaboration business.

Enterprise SaaS
Series A

Accompany designs and develops a relationship intelligence platform. Its AI-driven database provides rich, relevant insights for millions of people and companies, so they can always find the right people and build stronger relationships. Accompany was acquried by Cisco in 2018.

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