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All our founders

Alex Austin


Constructed from remnants of HAL 9000 and Optimus Prime, Alex is passionate about building software things that solve real problems.

Dmitri Gaskin


Raises goats. Plays accordion. Distributes systems.

Mada Seghete


Developer turned marketer with a passion for bringing people together.

Mike Molinet

Co-founder & COO

MechE turned founder of Branch with a passion for building things. Prefers to be covered in sawdust on weekends.

Enterprise SaaS
Series A
Series C+

Branch is transforming how brands and users interact across digital platforms. Branch's mobile marketing and deep linking solutions are trusted to deliver seamless experiences that increase ROI, decrease wasted spend, and eliminate siloed attribution. By integrating Branch technology into core marketing channels including apps, web, email, social media, search, and paid ads, leading brands are driving higher-value conversions than ever before.

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