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All our founders

Patrick Sweeney

President & CEO

Patrick was previously CEO at Talari (acq by Oracle) and VP Product Marketing at SonicWall.

Blake Darché

Co-founder & CSO

Prior to Area 1, Blake worked at CrowdStrike as a Principal Consultant, and at the National Security Agency as a Computer Network Exploitation Analyst. Blake has built his career across a range of information security skill areas, including experience in both offense and defense.

Phil Syme

Co-founder & CTO

Phil Syme has 22 years of information technology experience. His areas of expertise include system architecture, data processing at scale, and cloud technologies. Phil was previously a Chief Engineer at Next Century Corporation, co-founder and Principal Engineer at eSymmetrix, and co-authored two introductory programming books.

Oren Falkowitz

Co-founder & CEO

Oren Falkowitz is a co-founder at Area 1 Security and the global ambassador for Bow-Tie Thursday.


Area 1 Security is a performance-based cybersecurity company, changing how businesses protect against phishing attacks. Area 1 was acquired by Cloudflare in 2022.

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